The wines at Tenuta Parco dei Monaci (Monks Park Estate) are produced exclusively with grapes from its own vineyards and directly in the estate’s cellar. The grapes, hand cut, are sent to the pressing within one hour after harvest.
The vineyards have spacing of 2.5 x 1m and density of 4,000 vines per hectare. The plants are grown at low spurred cordon, with branch at 70cm from the ground. Production is limited to 7000 kg  of grapes per hectare. Crop protection is implemented by the method of organic farming.


Primitivo di Matera DOC

Monacello is the impertinent spirit of an unbaptized child that troubles the sleep of the young and the old. Monacello is a red wine made from Primitivo (a.k.a. Zinfandel) grapes. It is a well structured wine that impresses with intense aromas of ripe fruit. The taste is warm, soft and enveloping.
Harvest: By hand, first days in September
Wine making: Fermentation on the skins, 4/5 weeks
Aging: 8 months in French 500L tonneaux
Colour: Dense ruby red
Nose: Black plum, currant, sour cherries
Taste: Fruity, balanced and persistent
Alcohol: 15%
Pairing: Rich pasta dishes. Grilled and stew meats. Cheeses and salame.


Rosato di Matera DOC

Rosa is a woman’s name, forever. Rosapersempre is a rosé wine made from Primitivo (a.k.a. Zinfandel) grapes. It is a fresh and fragrant wine that seduces with its scent. The taste, full and coherent, invites you to take another sip.
Harvest: By hand, first days in September
Wine making: Grape’s slow dripping
Aging: 8 months in steel at controlled temperature
Colour: Bright pink coral
Nose: Jasmine, wild strawberries, rose hips
Taste: Fresh, balanced and persistent
Alcool: 14 %
Pairing: Fish dishes. Shellfish on the grill. Excellent as an aperitif and with appetizers.


Moro di Matera DOC

Spaccasassi is the European nettle tree, capable of breaking the rock with its roots in the struggle for survival. Spaccasassi is a red wine made from Cabernet S, Merlot, Primitivo grapes. It is a full-bodied and complex wine that rewards with splendid aromas. Incredibly soft tannins produce a wide and elegant taste. Great spicy finale.
Harvest: By hand, mid September
Wine making: Fermentation on the skins, 6/7 weeks
Aging: 18 months in French 225L barrique
Colour: Compact ruby red
Nose: Red fruit, violet, coriander
Taste: Balanced, intense and very persistent
Alcool: 15 %
Pairing: Grilled meats. Cheeses and salame. Rich pasta dishes.