Rosapersempre Matera Rosato 2023 best rosé wine at Vinitaly 2024 according to Ian D’Agata

Our Rosapersempre Matera Rosato 2023 was awarded the prestigious title of Best Rosé Wine at Vinitaly 2024 by Ian D’Agata, one of the most distinguished wine experts, who praised the extraordinary qualities of our rosé wine. Basilicata might not be the first destination one thinks of when looking for an excellent Italian rosé wine, but with Rosapersempre Matera Rosato 2023 we have succeeded in demonstrating that our region is capable of producing world-class wines regardless of the type. What makes Rosapersempre so extraordinary is its intensity of colour, more reminiscent of a light red than a traditional Rosé, and its depth and persistence. Ian D’Agata described it as a unique sensory experience, rich in aromas and flavours of red fruits, sweet spices and herbs, evoking the beauty and authenticity of our land. The reviewer’s recommended drinking window, 2024 – 2028, offers connoisseurs the opportunity to fully appreciate the complexity and elegance of this extraordinary wine.